If you aren’t yet a devoted fan of La Liga Mexicana de Béisbol, you no longer have an excuse not to watch the LMB, as fans have more access than ever before to watch Mexico’s highest level of professional baseball.

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On April 7, 2022, Horacio De La Vega, the Executive President of La Liga de Mexicana de Béisbol, announced that FOX Sports Mexico and the LMB reached a two-year agreement to broadcast eight weekly games, providing LMB enthusiasts with access to four games on national TV and four games via FOX Sports Mexico’s digital platforms. FOX Sports Mexico and LMB’s agreement extends into the LMB Playoffs, where each postseason game will be accessible, from the First Round to the treasured Serie del Rey.


The landmark contract comes less than a year after ESPN and the Mexican Baseball League arrived at a three-year agreement to broadcast 150 LMB regular-season games, including 14 matchups each week. ESPN will showcase games through ESPN’s digital platforms and on live television through TV Azteca, Multimedios, and Canal 1.

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Viewers can also watch the Mexican Baseball League through Sky Sports (Mexico), AYM Sports, and TVC Deportes, with Sky Sports leading the way with the most in-depth coverage and insight of the LMB. If that weren’t enough, LMB buffs can watch every game of the LMB season through various streaming options, including but not limited to Roku, DIRECTV, Jonron.TV, and LMB.TV.

As an alternative to watching Mexico’s most talented professional baseball players, you can listen to games broadcasted through Cadena RASA, the exclusive radio station of the LMB. What is more, each Mexican Baseball League club possesses its own radio station should you choose to listen to your favorite LMB franchise over the course of the 2022 season.

The 2022 La Liga Mexicana de Béisbol season will not just reach more viewers than ever before but also accentuate the highest quality of in-game footage as Horacio De La Vega aspires to broadcast the LMB on both a national and international level, offering Mexico’s premier baseball league to fans across the world.

With less than two weeks until the first pitch of the La Liga Mexicana de Béisbol, the countdown is underway as LMB fans await the highly anticipated 2022 season, which kicks off on April 21, at the Estadio Chevron, home to the Toros de Tijuana, as they look to defend their crown versus the Diablos Rojos del Mexico, the most decorated club in LMB history.

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