Merida, Yuc. ( July 31, 2021. – Mexico failed to win in their first Olympic tournament as they lost to Japan, The Dominican Republic, and Israel. How could the tournament end any other way? Both teams came in as underdogs after qualifying for their first Olympic games. Israel came into the tournament ranked 24th, and as I write this, they are playing the Dominican team in the final elimination match of the round.

Before we get into the game that Mexico lost 12-5, I want to take time to reflect how wild this ride has been for one of the players. I first talked to Jonathan Jones in June before we knew the final line up for the Mexican national team. What struck me then– and is evident by him affixing the OLY nominal to his signature– was his confidence.

Jonny never doubted that he would make the Mexican National roster, and in late July, when the roster was officially announced, he was, of course, excited, but it wasn’t unexpected. He began his career as a 29th round draft pick by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2010 MLB draft, and along the way, he suffered some setbacks on his journey to Tokyo– but he made it. His story just goes to show that you never know what opportunities await if you just take the chance!

The Game

Israel took an early six-run lead when Mexico stepped to the plate in the third inning to string together four runs, bringing the game to within two. The third saw Leone’s center fielder Jonny Jones cross the plate, scoring the first run for the team, followed by Ryan Goins, Isaac Rodriguez, and Sebastian Elizalde closing the inning with a 6-4 Dominican Republic.

The Mexican pitching rotation kept the Dominican team scoreless through 4 innings. Mexico could close the lead further on a Joe Meneses run in the sixth, bringing Mexico within one run of tying the game. Still, the Mexican pitching rotation allowed six runs in the seventh, giving the Dominican team a seven-run lead to close the game 12-5.

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