The Leones remain in second place despite a recent series sweep where they failed to win through four games. There are twenty games left in the season, and unless something dramatic happens, we will be making the playoffs as the top 4 teams of the division qualify. This weekend, we have another chance to defeat the Pirates De Campeche that just swept us in a four-game series!


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As promised and hoped from the inception of this site, we have started our monthly raffles and have had our first winner! I call that a success! We have another raffle going on currently. We are giving away a chance to win a pair of VIP tickets to this Saturday’s game as the Leones take on the Pirates De Campeche– with all proceeds going to the recovery of a follower who recently beat COVID and needs medication.

If you want to enter this raffle, drop me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or email me. Each number 1-300 is 50 pesos, and you can enter as much as you like. This is a 500 peso package for the price of a three litter coke!

Jonny made the olympic team!

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Leone’s center fielder Jonathan Jones was my first player profile, and at the time, I asked him to include the honorific ¨OLY¨ to his signature that he gave on a hat for my son. He can officially add that honorific to his name as he has been formally selected to play in Tokyo this year on the Mexican national team.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can check out the article in Yucatan Magazine, where I got my start in the sports journalism world.


It has always been my plan to include more coverage of the Leones and the rest of the division and league as well! So in that vein, I have been in talks with Sultanes De Monterrey to begin English language coverage of their team in the upcoming LMP season this winter.

Look for this additional coverage to begin later this year. If it goes well, I hope to include coverage on– if not every team and every game– at least series wraps of every team in both the LMP and LMB through Youtube videos, podcasts, articles, and adding more player interviews! 

if you are a fan and would like to try your hand at sports writing, get in contact with me, and let’s work together!

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