Tokyo, Japan. ( July 28, 2021- What an exciting game to open the Olympic baseball tournament! 

With a Dominican 3-1 lead going into the bottom of the ninth, it looked certain that they would end the night with the victory until a three-run flurry snatched the victory away from the Dominicans, culminating in a 3-4 win for japan.

The score was tied 0-0 through the first six innings when in the eighth as Charlie VALERIO stepped to the plate for the Dominican team hitting a double to left field, allowing baserunners Juan FRANCISCO and Erick MEJíA to cross the plate ending the inning 2-0 Dominican. Not to be outdone, the seventh saw Japan answer with a single run as Munetaka MURAKAMI ground out to third base allowing Hideto ASAMURA to score.

The ninth inning saw Gustavo NúñEZ double to right field, knocking Erick MEJíA home, extending the Dominican lead to 3-1. The first batter for Japan hit a fly ball to the right field, putting the Japanese in an almost hopeless situation; one out, no runners on base and down two runs in the bottom of the ninth. The following six batters hit singles knocking in three and ending on a walk-off single by Hayato SAKAMOTO as MunetakaMURAKAMI crossed the plate, securing Japan the 3-4 opening Olympic game victory!

The next games are scheduled for July 29th as Israel takes on Korea, then Mexico makes their first apperence in Olympic baseball history as they face the Dominican Republic.


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