The Leones fall to fifth place–barely in the playoff picture–after a loss paired with a Percios win.

As explained in an earlier article, the top four placed teams in the regular season go to the playoffs, and with the Leones now in fifth place, our only hope– besides going on a hot streak– is to get in on a technicality. See, the fifth-place team CAN get to the playoffs if they are within a game of the fourth-place team, and we are tied with the fourth-place team right now, so we would get in if the season ended today.

Maybe this is how the new manager wants to play it, a sort of Cinderella story. have the Leones barely make the playoffs and then get hot and win the division and league titles. It’s a good story, and I can only imagine the excitement if the team were able to pull it off as scripted, but as a fan of the team, this season has been a rollercoaster of emotion, and I think I’ve developed a few ulcers. We began with a super hot streak that saw us win our first eight games of the season, but since then, the team has played inconsistently.

There have been flashes of greatness– we’ve gone on some hot streaks– I mean, we have the highest point differential in the division still with +66, meaning that when we do win, we win big, but those wins are inconsistent. Let’s hope that the new manager can turn the team around; one good move has been moving Obeso to the top of the lineup, where he has been on fire, hitting from the spot.  

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