Merida, Yuc. ( July 29, 2021.- No team can be knocked out of the Olympics by losing in the first round of the playoffs. This means that even after Mexico’s 0-1 loss to the Dominican team, they are still advancing to the second stage– which does begin the elimination rounds. 

The first elimination game is scheduled for tonight at 10 PM, but the teams have not been decided yet– Korea and the USA played earlier today, so im going to wager that we will not see them scheduled to play again tonight.

Mexico failed to score throughout nine-innings; a couple of times when a runner was in scoring position, but one of those times resulted in an out at home, and the other saw the runner deciding to stay at third instead of trying to make for home. The Dominican teams’ pitching rotation was on fire through six innings, allowing only four hits while their relievers closed the final three innings, not giving up a single Hit.

The game’s only score came in the fifth inning when Dominican Charlie Valerio scored on a Melky Cabrera single down the left-field line. Mexicos pitching rotation was solid throughout the game accounting for seven strikeouts– five coming from starting pitcher Theodore Stankiewicz who most recently played in the Chinese League. Through 50.1 innings of work, he had an impressive ERA of 1.07. He also made a phenomenal grab after a batter hit a pitch right back to him, and Stankiewicz grabbed it out of the air and threw a runner out at third.

Make sure to catch a recap of the top plays of the game at youtube.

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