I had an idea– a great Idea– to get VIP seats behind home plate for me and my wife to watch the game, but I shouldnt have…

It started great; when we arrived at the stadium, we went directly to the VIP line and was told by the gatekeeper that someone would escort us to our seats, we both looked at one another with a smirk beneath our facemasks, and I could tell we were both thinking the same thing ¨we have left the plebe world behind and have arrived at our new fancy lives.¨ When we arrived at our seats, we were also thinking this because the seats are high back, and the ability to sit in a real seat and not just on a seat carved out from concreate, makes for a more comfortable viewing experience– but this is all that can be called great about being in the VIP section.

I take that back; being next to the Leones dug out was cool and made for some great pictures– being able to see the balls and strikes, but that’s it– everything else was not VIP at all, and after three innings, we just wanted to be in our regular seats. Maybe we are just plebes after all, but you feel removed from the stadium atmosphere in the VIP section– the game doesn’t feel the same to me. Maybe the biggest mark against it is that only a single person relays orders for the entire section! Meaning that often it took a whole inning for me to get a beer or my wife’s soda when in our regular section; the guy is cool, always says hello, and laughs and jokes with us every time he sees us.

Section 18– where my season seat is– is our normal section, and it behind first base beside the visitors’ dugout, and I think we may have found our forever seats. We compare the rest of the stadium seats to our seats here. We will still venture to other seats in a quest to find our seats for the next 30-40 years through the course of the season, but I think we may already have; seats 13A and 14A in section 18!

The Game last night

This brings me to the game, and it was our third straight loss of the season and demoralizing as I predicted a strong showing for us. The Tigres is a team we easily dominated in the preseason and going into the series last night, they had a differential of -8 and were just a .500 team!! The pressure for these early wins is increased because like Yadir Drake, who is playing for the Cuban Olympic team( and remains the Leones second top scorer after not playing since game 4), at least three, maybe four, more of our players will be going to Tokyo in July for the Mexican National baseball team! How are we going to replace the production of over half of our starters? At least the Olympics only happens once every 4 years– like a dam leap year– and based on how we started the season with our full line up I have hopes for the next five years; if we can survive the Olympics!

The games only run game in the second inning on the back of a couple of hit doubles for the Tigres, but after that, we, the former major leaguer, put on a pitching clinic from the mound through the sixth inning. But our offense was unable to get any traction against the Tigres pitching rotation either– making that single run devastating. My wife during the game said ¨someone needs to do something,¨and I couldn’t have agreed more.

There was some excitement on defense last night. First, we got to see a few ¨we thought at the time¨ game-saving grabs by Norberto Obeso, who should be the defensive MVP this season if he keeps making grabs like this!

We deffinantly have some things to talk about on our podcast Sunday where we go over the recent home series, talk about big plays like the above, JJ almost killing us with a foul in the VIP section, etc. Game two is tonight!

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