We won the series! I mean, winning two games out of three means you won, but it was closer than the scores will tell you. The third game alone had all the hallmarks of a great game; Home runs, blackouts, controversial plays, the sore keeper attributing a run to the opposing team. Let’s look at the box scores and some of the highlights from the seires; even in a loss, there is a highlight… sometimes.

Game One

We began the series with a commanding 7-1 victory– one of those wins that make you think ¨we should be dominating.¨ We saw Pepon, who has been struggling to return to pre-covid form, score on his first homer of the season, knocking in a run from veteran JJ Aguliar— who in turn scored on a solo home run in the fifth inning.

Starting pitch Logan Ondrusek started the game

Yadir Drake returned from is galivanting in Cuba –playing on their national qualifying team– and picked up right where he left off by knocking it out of the park twice in one inning, adding to a rally started by an Art Charles double, which saw the Italian Liddi cross the plate in the seventh.

[event_results 863]

Game Two

Game two was a 4-2 Leones loss and as such I didnt really pick up on any really great plays, but there was a squib hit to the Tigres Shot Stop by Jorge Flores that saw Drake cross the plate from third.

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Game Three

The third game felt like we are back on track; our defence and offence seemed to be clicking on the field as we saw back to back homers to end the game, a sacrifice pop-out to run in the batter at third. But the most interesting things about the game didnt hqqpen on the field, but off of it. There was a blackout that caused the game to be halted for a time and the person in charge of the score attributed a Leones run to the Tigres and wasnt changed till the next inning!

Take a look at the the technical glitch last night, Wishfull thinking or somethinf more nefarious? It was changed shortly after, but was a funny moment in a close game through eight innings. Soon after–in the ninth– the Leones hit back to back homers to close the game.

Art has really come to be an asset at the plate and is now the Leones leading scorer– tying Drake with 11 runs and 3 home runs– contributing a total of 26 runs for the team. However, the stat that is really wild, and shows how much of a monster he is in the line-up, is that despite playing only appearing in seven games for the Leones this season, Drake is the second-leading scorer only because he has six fewer RBIs than Art.

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