The Leones could take first in the division and add to their differential tonight as they take on the Tigres in Game two in this away series. We went through a bit of a losing streak last week, but with Drake back in the lineup and Art contributing some solid work at the plate I think the Leones are almost firing on full cylinders— if only we could see Jonny Jones back in the line up.

With a differential of +23 the Leones are back to dominating the division

I keep harping on the differential more than the standings, some have asked me why (that’s a lie, absolutely no one has ever asked me but I’m using it as a plotting device) it’s simple; baseball is a series of games with one goal, score more than your opponents— so what stat could be more important then seeing how much more your team scores more than their opponents?

During the season were games are a three game series, this stat may not seem that important, but what team do you think has a better chance in a seven game playoff series? The team that wins the division by 4 games or the 3rd place team with a differential of +20?

Losing sucks, trust me I know— when our pitching completely unraveled in the sixth inning last week it physically made me ill and I was irritated for the next few days— but losing streaks don’t last and as long as your team has a high differential the season will average out.

Line up for tonight’s game

The line up for tonight’s game has been announced, but why is Jonny not in the line up? He was the starting center fielder at the beginning of the season, but who would I take out to make room for Jonny? Would have to be a outfielder and obeso is making a case to be a defensive MVP. Can’t replace Drake, he was the teams second leading scorer despite not playing 5 games. So Aguilar? Would the leones take out Aguilar? I don’t know

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  1. Yeah, but you gotta remember that a single game can have a disproportionate effect on the Diff. Without all those runs last Sunday (which was fun to watch), the Diff would be a lot less imposing.

    1. You are correct, single games can skew the differential, most of the differential for the Leones came from games earlier in the season where we were able to string together some impresive wins in or 5 game win streak to begin the season. I will add that to my next article today on the importance of checking the last few games to see if the differantial may be artifically run up based on one or two lopsided victories.

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