In a game lost largely due to defensive errors, Logan Ondrusek allowed a single run through his six-inning campaign; another run came in the seventh as Mike Broadway made his Leones debut. The stuttering Leones’ offense came within scoring distance a few times during the game, but with sub .200 batters in the lineup, they could not hit a runner across the plate.

It isn’t apparent what happened on defense last night; there were some balls hit to the outfield that looked like they were catchable until fielders decided to let the ball come to them, accompanied by infielder errors who allowed balls to roll right past them. The game’s defensive play came from shortstop Maco Jamie who blasted into left field from second in a diving play to catch a foul ball.

Marco Jaime snags a foul ball in a diving catch

There was a disputed ¨out¨ call when Alex Liddi attempted to steal second base that was upheld by the officiating crew after a seemingly 10-minute review– the stadium was filled with ¨safe¨ chants as the replay was paused and rewound on the big screen, and once the call on the field was upheld a collective groan echoed across the stadium as our hopes of a late-inning comeback was lost.

The second game of the series will start tonight at 5:45 pm; the scheduled starting pitcher for the Leones is Rolando Valdez. Tickets are now available at, the stadium box office, and Leoneshop Plaza Altabrisa.

2 thoughts on “Pericos extend their win streak to 7 as they beat the Leones De Yucatan 2-0”
  1. I noticed that most of averages seem to be in the low to sub twos. I guess that’s the nature of the beast in this league and a mid three would be the exception rather than the rule. Would that be an accurate observation?

    Also, the air has been real heavy lately and I know I have zero hustle in this air. I suppose the players should be used to it, but that’s not universal. Still, waiting for the ball to come to you often means it doesn’t arrive.

    1. I wouldnt say league wide as this isn’t a real Pithers friendly league, the issue is that our guys just arent hitting for contact, they always go for home-runs at every bat.

      Recently I came across this stat– We are fourth in Homeruns for the entire league, but 17th, out of 18 teams, in hits– meaning that we do not get to base which makes all these homeruns next to worthless since a solo-homer is still just one run.

      It looked to me– as a fan not a journalist– that the defence was just defeated. They have kept us in games all season with amazing plays, not allowing runs in crucial moments, and last night I saw the 2nd baseman and 1st baseman just stare at a ball as it rolled by.

      You can look here at the league stats, but right now– out side of homeruns– we are not playing like a playoff team

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