In a game that went 10 innings and saw the leones take a three-run lead at the top of the extra inning, Veracruz strung together a four-run rally to end the game in an 8-9 loss for the Leones– thier first of the series.

The start of the sixth inning saw the Leones down by three when Art Charles stepped to the plate knocking it out of the park– the next 2 innings saw solo-homers from Yadir Drake and Alex Liddi that brought the game to extra innings.

The tenth saw Alex Liddi walked at the plate and a single by Drake. A hit from cather Sebastian Valle paird with a couple erros by Veracruz saw three runners cross the plate for the Leones giving them their first lead of the game.

Although it sucks to get a loss, it is important to note that this wasnt a lopsided loss and breaks from the pattern of inconsistant play that has plagued our offence this season.

This Sunday at 6:00 pm will be the last game of the series, which can be enjoyed on, SIPSE TV, and La Comadre 98.5.


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