The Leones have lost their last two games of the season, making it the longest losing streak so far; tonight, we face the Tigres with a differential of -8 for the season– the Olmecas ( the team that just beat us twice) has a differential of -14– so its anyone’s guess as to what will happen in this series. I’m still telling myself that we are the better team by all metrics, but without Drake in the line-up– who is still our second-leading scorer despite being in Cuba since game 4–, it is evident that the team is struggling to replace his production.

[player_list 711]

With the Tokyo Olympics starting in July and there still being three or four Leones who may be playing on the Olympic team for Mexico, it looks to be a challenging middle of the season for the Leones so hopefully, we can rack up some early victories are cruise into the playoffs– at least the Olympics are only every four years… unless there’s a pandemic.

With all that said, I still agree with my earlier series predictions of sweeping the series, but instead of with a differential of +7, I think we will win it in a sweep with a differential of +4. In addition, I hope that we can get a handle on defense, which has contributed to our losses this season.

On our never-ending quest to find the perfect seats, my wife and I are sitting in the VIP section behind home plate tonight! I can’t wait to show off my new hat on streams!

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