After losing six of their last ten games, the Leones take the field to face the second-place Pericos de Puebla, who look to extend their six-game win streak. In the last two games, the Leones have had a differential of -7 against the– until last night– the last place Guerreros de Oaxaca. Francisco ‘Chico’ Rodríguez has joined the coaching staff this week and was appointed the new interim manager– this is his second tenure with the Leones as he was on staff in their 2018 league championship campaign.

As I and other fans have pointed out, let’s hope that ¨Chicco¨ Rodríguez can do something to fix our dependence on the long ball, sub .200 batters in the line-up, and fix our reliever pitching issue who seem to give up runs in late innings constantly. This is an important series, and a loss here could see us drop to fourth place ( the cut-off for making the playoffs in the LMB,) which puts us a couple more losses from having our season cut short.

The day has finally arrived, and we are returning to the park after not attending games in over a week! I’m excited, and not just to see a Leones win– today, I become a credentialed member of the press! It has been a wild journey, and this page has grown beyond my expectations– this is literally only the beginning– and we still plan to do the podcasts, youtube videos, player profiles, etc. The only difference is now I have more access to players, to the team, to others that have followed the team closely and have the opportunity to grow as both a writer and a fan.

This opportunity gave me the chance to think about what’s important; family. I started this sports writing career as a fun little hobby that allowed me to follow the local team. Along the way, the Leones have given me a chance to not only become closer with my wife — who knew she would become a baseball fan? not us!– but gave me something that I can share with my son as he grows up– a love of the game.

Just think, for the next 18 years, my son will accompany my wife and me to our seats behined first base, grow up around the players, and hear their stories– I can honestly say that missing that plane to Europe three years ago is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

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