The week had a lot of news, so I’m going to try to distill it the best way I know how– an article about 300- 500 words long with a little filler about me caught in a hurricane.

Obeso Out

This week saw the Leones sign former major League center fielder Tony Campana who replaced Obeso in the lineup as he started the series VS. Veracruz while moving Jose Aguilar to right field. Last season, 2019, Tom was batting above .300, so his replacement of Obesso– who is sub .200– is a good move and should improve our inconsistent play at the plate.

Player Profiles

I have spoken to a couple of players– already interviewed one!– and am setting up more interviews! Based on the reactions to my initial profile on Jones, I’m expecting a good reaction and should leverage this into more exposure and possibly securing press credentials for the team! well, I dont know about that one, but so far in my journalism career– all of one month– I have gotten far just by asking, so I will continue asking till I get a ¨no.¨

Speaking of player profiles, I recently met with Leone’s reliever Christian Prado at the Starbucks on Paseo De Montejo. Soon after our meeting, I was caught in a 3-minute hurricane walking to the OXXO. I was so wet I was denied an Uber ride and had to go into Walmart to buy clothes to secure a ride! The rain has been hell this season!


This is still the plan! But it’s been difficult to find a time that works for both my wife and me where there is not a one-year-old let loose to run amuck in the house as we sit down for an hour. We both really want to do this, as I think her perspective as a ¨new fan¨ of baseball as a sport but a long time fan of the Leones will bring something differant from the usual ¨two people who know alot about baseball talking about it.¨

El Gringo Gordo en español

Recently, I’ve had multiple interactions with local fans in Spanish who would like to follow my content. Since my wife loves the Leones, she has offered to help translate these articles into Spanish, and also, we may experiment with a Spanish language podcast for listeners and so I can practice Spanish!

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