After a 6-0 start to being the season, the Leones have not been able to string together three consecutive wins since their third game loss in the second series vs. the Pirates De Campeche. There are a few instances that we can point at where games have gotten away from us– like when our pitching unraveled in the sixth inning, allowing 6 runs to blow a 7 run Leones lead and lose the game! Or the lack of offense in that is unable to score a single run in games. It’s indescribable sometimes– how we can lose to a team 2-4 and then, in the space of a few hours, beat the same team 8-4, which was the case in the recent doubleheader.

One distraction that may be affecting Leones players has also affected teams league-wide– salary. As reported by Beatriz Pereyra of Proceso, the Leones have seen their payroll reduced by over 50%– 79 million pesos to 16 million– in the last three years due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, with the LMB’s antiquated way of generating revenue, it looks like the situation may take a while to get better.

LMB is unique (even when compared to LMP) in that they have traditionally mismanaged streaming, television, and merchandising rights so poorly that they rely on ticket sales for almost 90% of their revenue.

Bill Thompson @BillCubbieBlue

Fellow Mexican League follower– and Oaxaca fan– Bill Thompson told me that part of the reason is the LMB failing to adapt to new technology, which may explain their recently announced streaming site– similar to– where fans can watch past streams and watch live games– for a subscription fee.

However, this does not explain the main question that I had when I began this post ¨how can we lose to a team 2-4 and then, in the space of a few hours, beat the same team 8-4?¨ I have taken the liberty of breaking it down into two points which have led us to lose games. Our defense has really been solid throughout the season–there may be an error here and there– but nothing abnormal and nothing as disastrous as the points below.


Our starting pitching is great for the most part– no surprise, the Leones had the lowest ERA to begin the season, but our relievers too often spell disaster for a game. I witnessed our starter Yoanner Negrin, who allowed no runs through five innings, get relived in the sixth to a pitcher who gave up 4 runs in a single inning– this is not the only instance of a great starting five innings being undone by a reliever, or string of relievers.


We have one starter batting under .200, seven starters under .300, and only two, Alexander Liddi and Sebastian Valle ( who is replaced with a batter under .200 games) batting above the magic .300 mark. I dont think it’s too much to ask the manager ¨Why do we have two batters in the rotation that bat below .200?¨ meaning they get a hit 20% of the time they step to the plate. Shortly we may not even have a few of our starters as they travel to Mexico City Friday to compete in exhibition games in the hopes of making the National team’s roster to compete for gold in Tokyo.

Sebastian Valle– one of the sluggers averaging above .300– and two other starting players have chances to make the Olympic team this year, effectively putting them on the bench for the remainder of the season–I hope that we have some guys that come in and start tearing it up offensively in the coming weeks.

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