I sat down with reliever pitcher Chris Prado and talked about how he ended up in Merida, his favorite things to do in the city, what he hopes to achieve in his young career, and his transition from shortstop to a pitcher. That article should be out this week and be a good one as his career is not the typical one that US-born LMB players follow.

This weekend team Mexico hosts exhibition games against the Dominican Republic and Venezuela — as of this writing, we have already played the Dominican and had our asses handed to us in a 4-15 loss.

Before the game Leone’s centerfielder, Jonny Jones was presented a plaque in recognition of his contribution to the Mexicos National team in the 2019’s Primer 12 tournament that saw Mexico beat the US team twice on their way to a third-place finish –automatically qualifying them for the Olympic Games in Tokyo!

This week I contacted a person in the Leones organization and may get press credentials to the Leones home games soon! I dont know if there is a difference in press privileges between the US and Mexico, but this could mean easier access to players, which may lead to more player interviews– I know players on the team and those in the organization follow my blog– so I would expect to be the one-stop source for English language content for the Leones in the future! I hope to leverage this opportunity to build a Gringo Gordo Network covering the Leones next season and the entire LMB and LMP as well– podcasts, youtube show, and turn this into a full-time career! Even if the other plans don’t pan out and I get to cover the Leones, it will be worth it to me as I can have my son grow up around the game and players and see him one day play for the local team.

Which brings me to Fathers day, it’s my second since the birth of my son. Its crazy to think that just three years ago I was bumming around Mexico searching for something, not knowing that I would soon meet the woman that would change my life forever.

I want this journalism to work out for him, so he can grow up around the team and players developing a love for the game, so I can see him play and cover his games eventually. I have learned from talking with LMB players that far from what I may have thought coming here, playing internationally is not the end of a career; it is just a different path to the MLB but entirely achievable. What better way to learn and develop as a player than playing against pros daily, some having played in the MLB and some on their way up?

This brings me to the last point I want to make this week. Not all losses are equal, and there are good losses and bad losses; last night’s loss was good. Last night’s loss wasn’t a no-run Leones loss; it wasn’t a blowout loss; it was an 8-9 one-run loss, which I hope means that the addition of Campana to the lineup has fixed our offensive issues.

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