There’s not much to say about this game, so this post is not your typical post-game summary. I thought that we were done with the inconsistent play, but we are far from out of the woods based on last night’s game. I’ve discussed this topic recently; we are only 25 games into the season– and if it was a normal season, would it be such a big deal?

A regular LMB season consists of 114 games; currently, we would be 21% through the season carrying 10 losses– not terrible, and we wouldn’t expect teams to be firing on all cylinders this early as it takes time for teams to find their grove. However, with 37 games left, we are already 40% through this shortened season which puts more weight and highlights each loss.

This series made me think about something that I haven’t noticed all season– Home runs, and how ¨swinging for the fences¨ at every At bat is hurting us. Take a look at the below stats: The leones are fourth in home runs and second in our division, but do you notice anything? Now look at the other stats; AVG, H, OBP, and RBI.

On-Base Percentage refers to how frequently a batter reaches base per plate appearance, which indicates how well a team, or batter, gets to base since it includes hits, walks, and hit-by-pitches. As we can see, our OBP trails every other leading HR team– meaning that we do not get on base as frequently as other teams, and when we look at the other stats, the difference is staggering.

Our team’s batting average also trails every other top team and looks more like a Major League team’s AVG, where hitting for home runs is a common strategy at every at-bat.

We also trail in Hits and RBI’s by a wide margin. We are not getting on base or getting our runners into scoring position, making our home runs next to useless. We have 42 fewer runs, 48 fewer hits, 43 fewer RBI’s than the 10th place team– maybe we should focus on getting hits and less on home runs or at least change the line up to put our sluggers toward the end so we have runners on base when they do hit?

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