It was when I woke up at three AM –to the old familiar sensation of my right calf cramping; my spine felt jarred, and with my son hitting me in the face with his feet– that I realized that I am an old man. What did I do to my body to feel this way? Did I stay out till midnight pounding beers like back in college? Was I recovering from a car wreck? No, I went to a ball game.

The day started well. We got to the gate early– check-in was smooth– but when we got to our seats, the issues started. See, I have season tickets for a single seat behind first base because I stumbled across a deal (where I bought season tickets for 2022, and this will allow me free admission to 2021 as well), but I had four people with me. My wife never listens to me when I told her ¨hey. I also bought three tickets in the outfield bleachers that we can sit at because I dont want to pay 500 pesos a seat¨, so we took up four seats and prayed they were not sold– but they were.

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